Paintings by Didier Bourdon

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Family Story ( oil on board, 122cm x 102cm, 2013)

Sitting Boy (Fresco in tadelakt, 33cm x 31cm, 2012)

Open Door (Fresco, 33cm x 21cm, 2012)

The Ball (Fresco in tadelakt, 51cm x 28cm, 2012)

A Tree (Fresco, 23cm x 26cm, 2012)

Flower (Fresco, 21cm x 26cm, 2012)

Butterfly (Oil on canvas, 178cm x 140cm, 2012)

Decision (Oil on board, 70cm x 110cm, 2012)

Soleil (Oil on canvas, 144cm x 113cm, 2010)

The bird (Oil on canvas, 160cm x 80cm, 2010)

Raphael (Oil on canvas, 36cm x 39cm, 2009)

Interlude (Oil on gesso, 40cm x 32cm, 2009)

The Tree (Oil on canvas, 100cm x 170cm, 2009)

Head (Oil on board, 80cm x 80cm, 2008)

Voyage (Oil on canvas, 90cm x 70cm, 2008)

Sleeping shepherd (Oil on board, 90cm x 160cm, 2008)

We are all looking to the sky (Oil on canvas, 67 cm x 93cm, 2007)

Behind (Oil on canvas, 80cm x 61cm, 2007)

Giant eating the moon (Oil pastels on paper, 50cm x 65cm, 2006)

The Kite (Oil pastels on paper, 60cm x 80cm, 2006)

The Train (Oil pastels on paper, 60cm x 40cm, 2006)

Minerve (Oil pastels on paper, 55cm x 45cm, 2006)

Sharks (Oil pastels, 50cm x 40cm, 2006)

Passerelles (Oil on canvas 88cm x 140cm, 2005)

Landscape study (Oil on board, 44cm x 33cm, 2005)

Head study (Oil on paper, 25cm x 31cm, 2005)

Fishing (Oil on canvas, 40cm x 35cm, 2002)

Loss of innocence (Fresco, 60cm x 45cm, 2000)

Traces (Fresco, 60cm x 45cm, 2000)

Resting (Fresco, 16cm x 20cm, 2000)

Fire behind bars (Fresco, 45cm x 60cm, 2000)

The Tree (Oil on board, 66cm x 96cm, 2000)

Unreached (Oil on gesso, 65cm x 79cm, 2000)

The Ball Man (Oil on gesso, 26cm x 31cm, 2000)

La Source (Oil on canvas, 96cm x 96cm, 1997)

Hole in Sky (Oil on canvas, 90cm x 90cm, 1997)

3 Figures (Fresco, 40cm x 60cm, 1997)

Empty Chair (Oil on canvas, 120cm x160cm, 1996)

Boxes (Oil on canvas, 120cm x 160cm, 1996)

Six Stages (Oil on gesso, 60cm x 40cm, 1996, hired by MCCR Amsterdam)

Coming Out (Oil on gesso, 26cm x 31 cm, 1996)

Destiny (Fresco, 44cm x 174cm, 1996)

Studies Frescoes (left: 26cm x 36cm; right: 23cm x23cm, 1996)

Journey (Oil on canvas, 130cm x 110cm, 1996)

The boat (Oil on canvas, 136cm x 110cm, 1994)

The rafts (Oil on canvas, 170cm x 140cm, 1994)

Meeting Point (Oil on canvas, 75cm x 50cm, 1994)

The Giant (Oil on canvas, 120cm x 160cm, 1994)

La Ronde (Oil on canvas, 190cm x 180cm, 1994, hired by MCCR Amsterdam)

Le Cercle (Oil on gesso, 50cm x 41cm, 1994)

May Pole (Oil on canvas, 50cm x 50cm, 1994)

Don Quichotte (Oil on gesso, 27cm x32cm, 1994)

Hope (Oil on gesso, 20cmx 20cm, 1994)

The Gift (Oil on canvas, 120cm x 150cm, 1994)

Time (Oil on gesso, 20cm x 30cm, 1994)

Head, Hands and Feet (Oil on gesso, 30cm x 120cm the 3 panels, each panel going down in size, 1994)

Memories (Oil on canvas, 160cm x 140cm, 1993)

Julia (Oil on gesso, 20cm x30cm, 1993)

L'éveil (Oil on canvas, 120cm x 160cm, 1993)

The Tumbling Man (Oil on canvas, 120cm x 150cm, 1993)

Reflection (Oil on canvas, 160cm x 150cm, 1993)

The Bridge (Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 140cm, 2014)

A detail of the Bridge, the painting above (Oil on canvas, 100cm x 140cm, 2014)